Award-winning film producer comes to area to present documentary

August 9, 2018


Timothy Mahoney, of Mahoney Media, Inc. based in Minneapolis, for the past 40 years has been better known for his production of Abra, Honeywell, Walzer Ford, Pillsbury, and 3M commercials, along with his Rock the Ordway Theater promotion and other notable commercials and productions. Until recently, when a crisis of faith led him on a journey across the ocean.


Mahoney had spent 12 years asking the questions, “Is the Bible true? If it wasn’t, then what should he put his faith in?”


Not unlike others in our time, when new scientific theories seem to question the validity of biblical accounts of creation and other ancient stories, Mahoney found himself in a quandary. He determined to seek the truth and apply the scientific method to his search for truth.


When stories aren’t enough

“All of the things of the Bible are under questioning and my effort was to explore those questions. To search for any patterns of evidence,” said Mahoney. “If you are person of faith, it’s easy to go with the flow and for a long time no one questioned the stories of the Bible. As it continues to become more apparent with questioning on ‘how do we live?’, it became important for people like myself to ask, “Is there credibility?’”


Mahoney needed to eliminate the bias he had grown up with under the teachings of his parents and Sunday school teachers. Even scientists have a hard time escaping bias resulting from personal and cultural beliefs. But in scientific study, results are reviewed and duplicated, and bias must be avoided at all costs. This is the route he would take and embark on a five step scientific process to prove, or disprove, the biblical account of Exodus, which is foundational to the Christian faith.


The process

First, he made an observation: The archaeological and historical evidence available so far didn’t line up with with the well-known biblical account of Exodus, the story of God’s people leaving the tyrannical rule of the Pharaoh out of Egypt into the land of Canaan.


Second, he asked the question: Is there historical and archaeological evidence for the account of Exodus?  


Third, he formed a hypothesis. With doubt lingering in his mind, this was difficult. But he went on an assumption that Exodus really did happen as the Bible said, knowing there may be a good chance he would find nothing to support the biblical claims.


Fourth, he would set out to conduct an experiment. The experiment would involve traveling across the globe to Egypt and Israel to determine what prominent scholars including archaeologists, historians, egyptologists, and rabbis had to say about their research. He was cleared for meetings with notables such as Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, and Shimon Peres, the President of Israel, who’s interviews are featured in what would become a film on his travels and discoveries.


“My Israeli producer said, ‘Who do you want to talk to?’ I said that I want to talk to the leaders of your nation since the film is about the beginning of the nation of Israel. So I thought, ‘Who better to talk to to than Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu?’ She went to the Israeli and requested an interview. I had to go through a lot of security and was so nervous. I spent several days preparing for the interview, reading a book he had written on his life.”


When he Mahoney walked into the office of Netanyahu, the Prime Minister asked in his deep voice, “What is this all about?” Mahoney responded, telling him what it was about and that a lot of Americans would be seeing the movie. He was correct as it was shown in over 700 theaters its opening night. And he would later do over 500 television and radio interviews around the world.


With testimonies by Netanyahu and Peres, along with information gleaned from scholars such as Mansour Boraik (Egyptologist, Director General of Antiquities – Luxor), Israel Finkelstein

(Archaeologist, Tel Aviv University), Norma Franklin (Archaeologist, University of Haifa), and many other historians, archaeologists and rabbis, he compiled his evidence.


British Egyptologist David Rohl, an agnostic himself who spent a lifetime studying the ancient civilization of Egypt, helped guide Mahoney in his search for answers while in Egypt.

Lastly, he came back and consulted with scholars to analyze the data found, drawing a conclusion: uncovered was a pattern of evidence pointing toward the accuracy of the biblical account of Exodus. Lending an ear to both agnostics and believers, Mahoney presents his and others’ discoveries, at a time when most archaeologists have abandoned hope for finding proof of such an exodus within the traditionally held timeline.


The presentation

The discoveries are presented in a first of its kind documentary, called “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” which will be shown at the East Central School auditorium on Friday, August 10 and Saturday, August 11 at 7:00 p.m. The movie, which is multi-award winning and has been seen around the world, is narrated by Kevin Sorbo of God's Not Dead and other popular movies.  Mahoney will be available at the showings for a Q & A discussion session after the showings. There will also be a special youth event hosted at Memorial Drive Bible Fellowship on Friday, August 10th after the show at 10:15 p.m. in which Mahoney will talk with youth. Both movie and youth event are FREE and open to public. Tim Mahoney will also be speaking at Memorial Drive Bible Fellowship in Askov on Sunday, August 12th, at their 10:30 Worship Service.


“We are going to show you what’s there, and audience can make their own interpretation. We are going to show you evidence for plaques and Joseph and other findings. People are excited and encouraged, and they are seeing things they didn’t know existed.”


Mahoney added that he is drawn to rural areas which is part of why he agreed to visit Pine County. “I am attracted to the country, and the high school is a beautiful facility with the seating the sound. I enjoy the experience of having people to ask questions from me,” he added.

For more information on or to order the film, visit:


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