Charges brought against Pine City shooter; counterfeit drug deal gone bad

January 25, 2017

An intended meth deal gone bad left a man injured with gunshot wounds in Pine City with children sleeping in the home during the shooting.


Tyrone Kristofer Tauzell, 23, of Brooklyn Park, has been charged with felony counts of assault and noncontrolled drug possession (bag of rock salt presented as methamphetamine). The charges come with a maximum penalty of 7 years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine, 1.5 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine, and 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. 


On January 2 at 9:51 p.m., Pine County deputies were dispatched to a mobile home park on Johnson Avenue in Pine City for reports of gunshots and two men trespassing. 


According to charging documents, the female daughter of the reporting party stated that when she heard the gunshot, she “saw something fly by her face and thought it was a paintball.” At that time, she saw two men going behind the shed on her property, with one male helping the other male walk. The female asked the two men what they were doing, and she stated that they asked her to call law enforcement.


Deputies traced footprints from the residence of the caller to a trailer home in the Pine Terrace Mobile Home Park. Inside the residence, lights were on, but no one appeared to be in the home. According to the complaint, deputies found a digital scale commonly used by drug dealers and users outside in the snow. Blood was also spotted on a rear door of the home. 


A search warrant revealed a 9mm bullet casing in the living room of the trailer. Also in the trailer were lines of crushed pills or other controlled substances, according to the complaint. 


The charging documents state that a shooting victim was admitted to a nearby hospital and later stated that two African American males, one of which was identified as Tauzell, came to the residence which the footprints led to. An occupant of this residence later admitted, according to the complaint, that he would be paid a $500 referral fee for connecting the two men with people who would purchase drugs from them. He also stated that one of the males put a .22 firearm to his throat when he discovered that the drugs presented as methamphetamine were in fact rock salt.


The shooting victim stated that he pushed the male away from the occupant and tried to flee, and at that point, the man pulled out what looked like a 9mm gun and shot him. The shooting victim then said he ran from the home. The shooting victim was shot in the legs. 


According to statements in the documents, an observer said children were sleeping in the back bedroom when the shooting occurred. A family member stated bullet holes were in the children's bedroom. 

Tauzell has two active warrants. According to charging documents, a resident in the home stated that Tauzell claimed to be a “GD” or “gangster disciple.”


Tauzell was identified in a photo line up by the shooting victim. Tauzell is also identified in surveillance footage from the Pine City Holiday store prior to the shooting. 

As of Tuesday, a warrant was out for Tauzell's arrest.

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