Sandstone man damages jail cell

December 9, 2016

While being sentenced for five felonies in court on Monday, a Sandstone man is now being accused of doing damage to the Pine County Courthouse.

Russell Vincent Winbush, 35, was sentenced in court in regard to an incident in January in Sandstone, where he attempted to break in at a home in the early morning hours, and then when confronted by the home owner later that morning, brandished a gun at him.

At sentencing, Winbush had several new motions for reasons why sentencing was delayed including two he filed last week, and asked for another 60 days to formalize the motions, which included asking to remove the presiding judge, P. Hunter Anderson, for bias. The sentencing was originally scheduled for early November.

Judge Anderson denied the motions and was interrupted by Winbush, who then interrupted him again. The judge then ordered Winbush removed from the courtroom while for disruptive behavior.
According to court officials, when Winbush was brought back to the holding cell, he became more disruptive, and the fire alarm went off after Winbush allegedly broke a sprinkler, something he has also been accused of several times in the past while incarcerated.

The sentencing was moved to another courtroom so Winbush could visibly see the sentencing. Judge Anderson sentenced him to 129 months in prison, or more than 10 years, which is the top of the sentence guidelines box.

In September, Winbush was convicted of possession of chemicals and reagents with intent to manufacture meth, 2nd degree controlled substance crime (possession of over 6 grams of meth), 5th degree controlled substance, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and possession of a short-barreled shotgun. The meth charges come from a rental home located at 717 Commercial Avenue North in Sandstone, about two blocks north of the old high school. Inside this home, officers found what they believed to be a meth lab, which included instructions on how to make meth, along with various components and ingredients used to make meth.

Prior to this sentencing, Winbush had 11 previous convictions including criminal vehicular homicide, receiving stolen property, disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana and fifth-degree assault along with indecent exposure. He also has several other pending cases in Pine and Wright counties for damage to jail sprinkler heads.

In 2002, Winbush was charged with criminal vehicular homicide, and he was convicted of criminal vehicle operation and was sentenced to serve 33 months.  

This summer, Winbush also made news when he sought to change his name to  “Rule All-Matter Born Omnipotent.” The initials spell out “RAMBO.” The Court of Appeals dropped his appeal after it was denied since he did not follow through with correcting deficiencies in the filing. In his appeal, Winbush stated he converted to the “5% Nation of Gods & Earth” and a name change is a fundamental religious tenant.
In June 2015, Winbush also made headlines when he allegedly told a jailer it did not matter if he did damage to the Pine County jail three times or once since he would receive a concurrent sentence. He was charged with doing damage to the sprinkler three times in that case.

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