Mills requests recount

November 29, 2016


Stewart Mills, Republican candidate for U.S. Representative District 8 seat, is calling for a vote recount against Democratic incumbent Rick Nolan. Mills’ top reason for requesting a recount is the approximate half-percent margin in the vote.


Of the 356,971 votes cast on November 8th, Nolan received 179,097 (50.17%) votes and Mills received 177,088 (49.61%) votes. The margin in percentages is .0056% and in votes is 2,009. In the write-in category, there were 786 votes.


In an interview with the Pine County Courier, Mills stated, “It would be negligent of us not to count every vote by hand and that the will and intent of the voters gets heard and that no one is disenfranchised.”


He added that it was a very unpredictable election cycle with very unpredictable results.


“There is some head scratching going on with Congressman Nolan getting more than 40,000 votes than Hillary,” said Mills. “And there was a great deal of ballot drop off where people voted for Trump that didn’t vote for me.”


Mills said that the recount effort is not meant to show disrespect toward Nolan, but he wants to make sure every voice gets heard. He added that if someone puts an X or a check through the oval on the ballot, the voting machines will not register a vote. Or if a voter wrote in either Nolan’s or his name, it would also not be counted.


“When you put this all together, there are some unpredicted results that beg more questions than provide answers,” said Mills. “The best way to answer the questions is to go through each ballot with a human eye.”


Mills said that his campaign plans on delivering a letter tomorrow requesting a recount to Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon and that the recount results may not be finished until close to Christmas.


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