Convicted drunk driver gets prison for breaking probation

October 19, 2016

     A man who was driving drunk and was on meth and caused the death of a person near Rock Creek in August of 2013 was sentenced last week to 69 months in prison for failing to follow the terms of his probation.

     Danny Albert Kitterman, 51, was sentenced to prison by Judge P. Hunter Anderson on Friday. Kitterman's attorney had sought treatment and a continuance, and then denied a request to stay on probation and serve one year in jail.

     In court, Judge Anderson said there was no reason to give him a departure, noting Kitterman consumed alcohol on numerous occasions and also used meth eight times.

     The crash killed William Dale Joseph of Maplewood. His family appeared in Pine County Court and read a victim impact statement, and asked the judge to put Kitterman in prison.

     Chief Deputy County Attorney Steve Cundy gave an outstanding argument as to why Kitterman deserved prison, said County Attorney Reese Frederickson.

     While being escorted away, Kitterman yelled at Judge Anderson and told him someone should put up a stop sign on the road where the incident occurred.

     The incident in Rock Creek happened in the afternoon on Highway 70 at Government Road in Rock Creek, in which Kitterman, driving a Dodge Ram truck, ran a stop sign, broad siding the Prius driven by Joseph. At the time of the incident, Kitterman did not have a driver's license.

     He was originally convicted of criminal vehicular homicide in March of 2014. Kitterman was sentenced to 69 months in prison then, but that was stayed, and he was ordered to serve a year in jail, and also placed on probation for 10 years.

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